Fully understanding the role of education, NSG Group has operated a variety of educational institutions from the perspective of developing human resources. It runs a number of professional graduate schools, universities, colleges, high schools, tutoring schools and many other types of schools, offering the students many opportunities to demonstrate their abilities in a variety of new fields. The group is also strategically engaged in the development of educational materials and in the certificate acquisition business with a view of stimulating the local economy.

While focusing on collaborative business strategies that center on education, NSG Group is dedicated to facilitating the revitalization of local communities. Its activities that help the development of local human resources and provide opportunities for the personnel to shine have been creating new businesses while responding to the needs of the local communities. From new ventures involving medical treatment, nursing care and welfare to sports-related enterprises that bring the local community together, the possibilities are endless. We continue with our activities that pursue the happiness and the wealth of the local residents.

In a society of accelerating globalization, NSG Group actively engages in people-to-people exchanges in order to train personnel that pave the way for the new era and help them develop the advanced skills necessary. While applying its accumulated know-how and values in a global perspective, NSG Group continues to increase the profitability of all businesses it undertakes and promotes the next-generation business models and the nurturing of human resources required.