Company information

Company name :NSG International Co., Ltd.
Location :1-494-3 Higashiboridori Chuo-ku
 Niigata 951-8065 JAPAN
   TEL.+81-25-225-5931 FAX.+81-25-222-7015
Foundation :December 3, 2012
Capital :9.9 million yen
Representative :Kazuhisa Tokita


As a result of the excess concentration of population and industry in the capital, which accelerated the growth of the Japanese economy, Niigata, which once boasted the largest population in Japan, has become one of a number of provincial cities facing population decline and the aging of the population.
From the time of its founding, NSG Group has devoted its energies to human resource development, establishing more than 30 vocational colleges, and now plays a vital role in stemming the exodus of young people.
Furthermore, we have launched a business startup group called Cross-Industry Network 501, which is generating employment by cultivating entrepreneurs, thereby building an environment in which young people can continue to work in Niigata (comprehensive human resource development targeting entrepreneurs as well as employees).


The essence of local economic revitalization boils down to the question of whether or not there is work there. And creating work depends on whether or not one can cultivate the requisite human resources. If we depend solely on attracting large factories and public works projects, we will not be able to achieve ongoing regional development. 
Cherishing in our hearts the extraordinary hopes that we have for each and every individual, which have been the primary focus of the NSG Group and the source of our greatest achievements, NSG International intends to offer our know-how in the field of economic development centered on education, in order to contribute to local economic development overseas. Moreover, we are convinced that the contact with a variety of values that arises from the interaction of human resources will ensure that this contributes not only to development overseas, but also to the development of Japan, especially Niigata. Today, amid the increasing importance of local communities, as signified by the growing prevalence of the term "glocal", NSG International intends to become a point of contact between Niigata and the rest of the world, helping to achieve happiness for people on both sides of the equation.


Working alongside people who are sympathetic to our ideals, we will conduct activities aimed at achieving the development and happiness of all concerned.



Innovative Knowledge & Development

Based on the innovation cultivated by the NSG Group in Niigata, we wish to make effective use of innovative knowledge to achieve innovative development both within Japan and overseas.



This logo is a soft, amicable expression of a spiritually rich future for the local community and those involved with it, based on the image of interaction and global collaboration by diverse human resources.